Level II: Intermediate  Executive Coaching Skills  

Prerequisite: The Laser Coaching Workshop

For professionals seeking to further integrate executive coaching into their day-to-day leadership role, this advanced training program is customized to meet the coaching needs of your particular organization and culture. Emphasis is placed refining coaching skills when interacting with teams, peers and clients. Successful completion results in a "Level II Certificate of Completion" from International Master Coaches.

Level II Learning Goals:

  • Moving beyond “Laser Coaching”

  • Coaching the person, not the problem

  • Practicing the 10-Step Executive Coaching Process

  • Using Assessments in Executive Coaching

  • Creating a Personal Coaching Development Plan

  • Implementing an Executive Coaching Development Plan

  • Refining your listening skills

  • Using a balance wheel

  • Coaching the whole person

  • Understanding the ICF's Core Competencies

  • Coaching to a person's strengths

Length: Customized to meet your needs.
Delivery:  Interactive teleclasses/webinars; accessible worldwide
Dates: By arrangement

Language: English

          Laser Coaching

For Leaders and Managers

​​​Intermediate and Advanced Training

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Level III:  Advanced Executive Coaching Skills

Prerequisite: Level II Training

This customized and highly individualized executive coaching skills training provides in-depth practice with the ICF Coaching Core Competencies, with numerous coaching sessions and group mentoring. The training includes an outside project in which each student coaches an executive and conducts a 2-month “Executive Coaching Case Study” to be presented to the class. Successful completion results in a "Level III Certificate of Completion" from International Master Coaches.

Level III Learning Goals:

  • Conducting formal coaching sessions 

  • Executive Coaching Case Studies

  • Leveraging strengths to broaden your coaching skills

  • Developing advanced coaching skills

  • In-depth application and practice of the ICF Core Competencies

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines

  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement

  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy

  • Coaching Presence

  • Active Listening

  • Powerful Questioning

  • Direct Communication

  • Creating Awareness

  • Designing Actions

  • Planning and Goal Setting

  • Managing Progress and Accountability

  • Improve communication and save time
  • Energize team participation and productivity
  • Develop and deepen working relationships
  • ​​​Build client trust and confidence
  • ​Convert challenges into coaching opportunities
  • Quickly uncover underlying issues
  • Easily work with difficult personalities
  • ​Inspire teams through inner motivation
  • ​Effectively coach anyone, anywhere, anytime

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